Urgent call for Ireland to fight WHO ‘takeover’

Geoff Ward
6 min readJan 7, 2024

A referendum must be put to the Irish people before the unelected World Health Organisation (WHO) can be allowed to hijack Ireland’s sovereignty and ability to decide its own policies on matters of public, animal and plant health, water, energy, air, food, climate change, sustainable development and anything else with potential impact on public health, says the Irish Council for Human Rights (ICHR).

‘All of these decisions, and many more, will be centralised in the WHO and this will absolutely remove any meaningful notion of what it means to be free,’ the ICHR warns.

In a statement released on January 7, 2024, it says such delegation of authority to the WHO, under its proposed new international health regulations (IHR) and ‘pandemic treaty’, at least in an Irish context, will be found to be unconstitutional unless a referendum is put to the people.

Regardless of whether or not a court finds that a referendum must be held, the ICHR states, there can be little denying that the WHO is seeking to significantly expand its power, such that it would have the legal authority take over every possible aspect of people’s lives, such as:

* how many vaccines and boosters you must take to participate in society.
* whether you are allowed to eat meat or not.
* the mode of transport you can use and how…



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