Phoenix rising: a coming new world order

Geoff Ward
6 min readOct 30, 2023

What does the future hold? A democratic or an authoritarian world government, the nuclear devastation of a Third World War or a ‘golden age’ of global peace and cooperation? An important new book weighs the momentous options

In a compelling new work, cultural historian and philosopher Nicholas Hagger analyses how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine impacts on the West’s envisaged ‘Great Reset’ and progresses the rival Western, Russian and Chinese efforts to bring about a New World Order.

The Golden Phoenix: Russia, Ukraine and a coming New World Order (O-Books, October, 2023) is a grave but riveting read written by a man of vision, a sobering but essential text indispensable for an understanding of the background to the Russia-Ukraine war, including, as it does, scenarios omitted or ignored by ‘official’ sources and the mainstream media.

With the Russian Foreign Minister having said that NATO is, in effect, in a war with Russia, and that there is a real danger of a Third World War, Hagger, who once worked for British intelligence, assesses the likely outcome of the ongoing conflict.

At age 84, he feels he must continue explaining his dream of a ‘Golden Phoenix’ supranational and democratic New World Order under which all nation states would retain sovereignty and where a partly-federal World State’s World Commission would sit above lower and upper houses, a World Parliamentary Assembly and a World Senate — and above the Western alliance of the US and EU and the Eastern alliance of Russia and China.

This world order would have sufficient authority and legal powers to solve all the world’s problems, he says: abolishing war, eliminating poverty and hunger, solving environmental issues and financial and funding crises, ending disease, extending education, and raising awareness of universal spirituality and global ethics.

It would take precedence over the West’s dehumanising ‘Reset’ merger of those Western and Eastern alliances, which would turn humans into automata, and Russian and Chinese New World Orders, which would turn humans into slaves.



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