An urgent warning for the West

Geoff Ward
7 min readDec 4, 2022

Another pandemic, likely in 2025, could be the next stage in the decline of the West on the way to a totalitarian world government

Author Nicholas Hagger asks his readers if they can accept that an ‘evidence jigsaw’ he has pieced together reveals ‘a covered-up and hitherto fragmented truth’.

In bright red lettering across the cover are emblazoned the words ‘A warning to the Western world’. It’s a prophetic new book freighted with moment, indispensable in its timeliness and deserving of the widest readership.

In The Fall of the West: The story behind covid, the levelling-down of the West and the shift of power to the East with the rise of China (O-Books, November 2022), cultural historian and philosopher Nicholas Hagger warns that historic happenings from the ‘War on Terror’ to covid-19 have brought the Western financial system to the brink of collapse and shifted power from the West to the East and neo-imperialist China.

The Fall of the West is the third instalment of Hagger’s trilogy on the West. In The Syndicate (2004), he described how, in the twentieth century, a group of elitist mega-rich families — the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and co-operators — levelled down leading Western countries by promoting revolutions, wars and independence movements against their empires, and planned a New World Order and world government to control the earth’s resources for their own benefit.

In terming this group, ‘the Syndicate’, taking the dictionary definition — a group of individuals and/or organisations combined to promote a common interest — Hagger equates it with the West’s ‘military-industrial complex’. His The Secret History of the West (2005) traced the Syndicate’s roots back to secret Freemasonic organisations and revolutions that undermined the West from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century.

A prolific author spanning four decades, Hagger presents evidence for the ‘fall of the west’ as if to a jury in a court of law, but with a commendable impartiality, inviting a verdict from the reader. I read the book with a grim fascination.

The cover depicts graphically, in blue, those parts of the world that have signed documents relating to China’s ‘Belt and Road’ initiative of infrastructure projects which seeks to increase communist China’s role in international affairs, indeed to pursue a global empire which the US must try to counter.



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