Spider Rock and the Canyon de Chelly: sacred Navajo ground. Photo: Pixabay

Finishing her final semester of college, and browsing through trade journals, Erica Elliott saw an opening for a fourth-grade teacher at Chinle on the Navajo reservation in north-eastern Arizona. Without knowing why, she felt a ‘strong magnetic pull’ to apply for the job.

And she did, with some bravery or…

‘In its full-blown form, wetiko disease turns people into ghosts, demons, zombies, vampires and members of the living dead.’ Paul Levy

To Native Americans, ‘wetiko’ is a cannibalistic spirit capable of taking over people’s minds, subverting life’s purpose to selfishness, cupidity and acquisitiveness, undermining innate powers of creativity, and rendering…

In mythologies worldwide, birds are symbols or carriers of the soul, even seen as the soul itself. Today we see the soul-bird being caged.

Carl Gustav Jung: ‘The world hangs on a thin thread, and that is the psyche of man.’ (University of Houston interviews, 1957)

The soul has been one of the three most influential ideas in history, the others being the idea of Europe and the experiment — that’s the assertion made…

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (EMI Films, Columbia Pictures).

A brief orbit around the contrasting ways cinema has portrayed extraterrestrials since the 1950s

It’s fascinating to look at how cinema, our most popular art form, has portrayed extraterrestrials over the decades, reflecting fears — and hopes — in the world at large.

My view is that any detailed discussion…

A poem

Planets wait darkly for the selective seed,
sown secretly, without fanfare.
Once on a wayward world far out on the galactic rim,
away from the centre of things, unnoticed,
as if by whim, there came a stir of breath.

Now habitable zones of clamouring suns
excite the observatory.
A harvest of discoveries…

Geoff Ward

Writer, poet, tutor and mentor in literature and creative writing (MA and BA Hons degrees in English literature), book editor, journalist and musician.

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